Washington DC Metropolitan area

Bio: Sherrill Cavanaugh, who goes by the stage name, Jasper is a singer, songwriter, spoken word artist, actress and composer. Jasper has been singing since she was a youth in elementary school. During her college years, Jasper sang with the Morgan State University choir under the direction of Nathan Carter. While pursuing her tenure at Morgan State, Jasper sang with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at the Strathmore. She also sang at the White House during the Reagan Administration. Jasper has been a soloist for different church functions and a strong lead singer for various local groups in the Washington Metropolitan area, including the Kings of Harmony and Outreach 24/7. Outreach 24/7 has been featured on CBN with talk show host Allegra Husson. They have also been featured on 104.1 FM with talk show host CoCo Brother. Outreach 24/7 has performed on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel and performed as an international band in the Bahamas at the Bahamas Gospel Festival and at Myles Monroe's Church. Outreach 24/7 has also produced and performed several videos aired on BET Gospel. Along with singing with Outreach 24/7, Jasper was has performed as one of the star actresses in the movie, "Be Ready" and was a featured actress in short skits produced by Outreach Productions. Jasper has sung in the annual Christmas chorus as a soloist and lead singer for Verizon in Falls Church, VA under the direction of Susie Stevens. She has also sung on venues with the God is Too Good Tour as a soloist and is now performing as a spoken word artist and a songstress with a different style and flavor. Jasper has a passion for helping people in many facets of life particularly in healing by using natural remedies for the body’s total health benefits, and, when God leads, by the “laying on of hands.” She also enjoys helping people to become physically fit by personally training them.

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